Digitalization in Energy Sector

GAMA Enerji Execution & Operations Assistant Managing Director Graham Traynor participated in the 8th Civil Career Event of Boğaziçi University which was organized online for the first time. Traynor presented digitalization in Energy Sector and mentioned change and transformation in the processes of the business. He also gave insights about the technology, opportunities and challenges that awaits students in their upcoming careers in energy sector.

Khabat Power Plant Creates Value for Northern Iraq

Construction works of 2×150 MW Khabat Combined Cycle Power Plant undertaken by GAMA Power Systems team in Erbil, Northern Iraq, have been completed successfully despite the difficult conditions of the region. Provisional acceptance of the first unit of the power plant, whose owner is the Ministry of Electricity of the Northern Iraq Regional Government, was made in January 2020 and acceptance of the second unit was made in February 2020. Khabat Power Plant, which has been commissioned, makes a significant contribution to the increasing energy needs of Iraq after starting power generation totaling 1,600 GWh annually, which corresponds to about 8,5% of the installed capacity in the Northern Iraq region.
Based on GAMA’s experience in the construction of power plants totaling 30 GW; design and procurement of powerhouses, infrastructure works and all construction and erection works at the site as well as design and procurement of mechanical and electrical BOP systems within the scope of the project have been completed successfully. In the project where the number of active workers at the site has reached 2.035 during the construction, Occupational Health and Safety policies have always been prioritized by GAMA and approximately 16 million man-hours without an accident have been achieved.
Please click here for further information on our Khabat Project.

6 Million Man-Hours w/o LTI

RADES-C 450 MW CCPP Project which is executed by GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc. has successfully achieved 6 Million Man-hours without any Lost Time Incident LTII) on September 30th, 2020. Congratulations to RADES Team. All eyes on safety.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce Visited GAMA

The Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Gürsel Baran and the Vice Chairman of ATO Halil İbrahim Yılmaz visited GAMA Holding on September 7th 2020. Mr. Baran and Mr. Yılmaz were greeted by GAMA Holding Chairman of the Board Ömer Tunçata, GAMA Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board Hakan Özman, GAMA Holding Board Members Ergil Ersu and Süreyya Yücel Özden, GAMA Power Systems & GAMA Industry Managing Director Ahmet Ligvani and GAMA Energy Managing Director Tamer Çalışır. The meeting was opened by Mr. Özman who spoke about GAMA’s sixty-one year history and achievements in the sector. The meeting continued with a presentation by Mr. Ligvani on GAMA’s completed and ongoing projects. At the end of the presentations Mr. Baran closed the meeting by stating his pride in such a successful company like GAMA with roots in Ankara. He presented Mr. Tunçata with a copy of GAMA Construction Limited’s original registration news in the Turkish Trade Gazette from December 31, 1959. In return two GAMA publications were presented as gifts to Mr. Baran.

21 Years in the ENR List

As GAMA, we are proud to be consistently ranked in the ENR List of Top International Contractors for 21 years. We would like to thank the entire GAMA family for their efforts and contributions.

GAMA Energy is on Fortune 500 List

Fortune 500 Turkey 2019 list (annual ranking of the Turkey’s largest corporations) was released and as GAMA Enerji we have been ranked 146th with our total revenue. We would like to thank GAMA Enerji team for this sustainable achievement which marks our 4th consecutive year in the list.

We Have Achieved Our Goal!

For a sustainable future the importance of energy efficiency is increasing day by day in our world. Since 2013, the ISO 50001 Energy Management System has been implemented in our GAMA headquarters in order to increase energy efficiency. As a result of our efforts we achieved our 2019 goals by reducing electricity consumption by % 14,9 and natural gas consumption by %4 compared to the previous year. We thank the GAMA family for their support and sensitivity on this matter.

ALBA CCPP Project has been selected as “National Winner”

We are pleased to announce that 1800 MW ALBA Potline 6 Expansion, Power Station-5 Combined Cycle Power Plant, which has been recently completed by GAMA Power Systems and General Electric consortium, has been selected as “National Winner” for “the Power Generation Project of the Year” category at the MEED Projects Awards 2020. Congratulations to GAMA Power Systems ALBA team for such an amazing achievement!

The First LNG Facility in The Arctic Region

GAMA Industry is proud to complete the construction of the Yamal LNG Production Plant, which is the first LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) facility in the Arctic Region. We congratulate our GAMA Industry team, who have participated in the completion of this successful project. This unique project experience has already taken its own special position in our project portfolio, among more than 400 projects that we have accomplished successfully in the past.

Location: Sabetta, Yamal Peninsula
Annual LNG Output Capacity: 16.5 million tons
Total Man-Hour: 30 million MH
Site Personnel: 8,500
LTI Free: 12 million
Minimum Recorded Temperature: -50 °C