DISI Mudawarra – Amman Water Conveyance Project

The project involves, in order to supply additional urban water to the Greater Amman Area, the raising of water from Rum Aquifer, in the Disi Mudawarra area in the south of Jordan, from 55 deep water wells to be drilled and the conveyance of the water to the Greater Amman Area, a distance of 346 km. The conveyance system is designed to supply 100 milyon m3 per year of water for a period of 50 years service life of the project plant operation.

EPC project includes all basic & detail design, procurement of all equipment, all civil, structural, electromechanical works erection, installation of all electrical, instrumentation & control systems as well as testing, commissioning and start-up works and Employer’s personnel training.

300 MW Samra Combined Cycle Power Plant

Project is a natural gas/fuel oil fired combine cycle plant providing a nominal 300 MW electrical output. The power island consists of two GE combustion turbine generators, which feed exhaust gases to two Nooter Eriksen HRSGs, which in turn feed steam to a single Fuji steam turbine generator set. The plant fires natural gas fuel and fuel oil. Power is generated at 15 kV in the CTGs and 15 kV in the STG, and then stepped up through individual transformers to the Jordan grid voltage at 400 kV. Plant auxiliary power is back-fed from the grid or GSUs through an auxiliary transformer on each CTG bus.

EPC Contract’s scope covers procurement of all major equipment as well as other auxiliary equipment, and conceptual and detail engineering of the plant, civil and electro-mechanical installation works, test and commissioning works and training of the Employer’s staff.

Ain-Ghazal Waste Water Immediate Relief Pipeline

Turnkey construction of a Waste Water Treatment Plant including sewage decomposing unit, 220 hectares of waste stabilisation and emergency ponds, 40 km long 50” diameter pipeline including cathodic protection, 4 km long access roads, waste collection and pretreatment system, odour control system, 110 kg/hr automatic chlorination system and maintenance facilities.

Ain-Ghazal Waste Water Treatment Plant

Turn-key construction of 140,000 m3/day Ain Ghazal Sewage Treatment Plant with a treatment technology of activated sludge and anaerobic digestion utilising belt filter presses with polymer dosing system.

Plant includes a sewage decomposing unit, aeration, pre and final sedimentation tanks, anaerobic digesters and sewage mixing tanks, pumps, compressors, 1,000 m3/day filter presses (180 m3/day) sludge cake heat exchangers, boilers and waste gas burners.