December, 2009

President Abdullah Gül, attended the opening ceremony of the construction works of DISI project.

Ribbon cutting during the ceremony, President Abdullah Gül and Jordan Prime Minister Nadir Dahari gave a start for the construction of the project which will extract the water located 600 meters down in the district of Disi Mudawara, south of Jordan and transmit this water to Amman 325 km away. During his speech at the […]

September, 2009

GATE has been awarded the EPC contract for the Kazakhstan Kashagan power plant new units.

The contract for the construction of the units of Kazakhstan Kashagan Natural Gas Power Plant to be built for the Tranche-3 Project has been awarded to GATE (a subsidiary of GAMA with 50% share) by AGIP KCO on 18th of September 2009. The project is undertaken on EPC basis with a total amount of 172 […]

September, 2009

GAMA is again among the top international contractors.

McGraw-Hill/Engineering News Record (ENR) Magazine has announced the Top 225 Contractors of the World in 2009 and GAMA has been ranked as the 66th biggest International Contractor. The companies are ranked based on the construction revenues in the international market. Gama was the 60th biggest in 2008. In 2009, 31 Turkish Contractors in which GAMA […]

August, 2009

Kazakhstan Kashagan Oil Project Tranche-3 agreement has been signed.

Kazakhstan Main Works Project – Oil Tranche-3 Extension The construction of the Oil Tranche-3 package of the Kashagan Petroleum Field Development Project in Kazakhstan has been ordered to the North Caspain Constructors (NCC) BV, in which Gama holds 50% of the shares, as an additional work to the ongoing Oil Tranche 1&2 Packages. The Addendum […]

July, 2009

GAMA Enerji, is bringing water to Northern Jordan with an investment of US$1 billion.

Ankara, Turkey and Amman, Jordan – July 8, 2009 – A milestone in a strategically important new water supply that will help alleviate a severe water shortage in Jordan’s capital and surrounding area has been reached with funding of construction of a pipeline project by GAMA Energy A.S., a joint venture between GAMA Holding A.S. […]

April, 2009

GAMA arranged 50th Year Concert.

GAMA Holding sponsored Istanbul Music Ensemble concert on 22nd April within scope of 26th International Ankara Music Festival as the first activity in which Gama announced its 50th anniversary. Under direction of Maestro Kamran Ince and with soloist Cihat Aşkın, one of the outstanding virtuosos of our days and international representatives of Turkish Violin School, […]

March, 2009

GAMA Holding hosted foreign press members at gala dinner for the press in 5th World Water Forum.

World Water Forum, which is arranged triennially by World Water Council with cooperation of authorities of the host country, was held from March 16th to 22nd 2009 in Istanbul with nearly 20,000 participants from 192 countries. Gala Dinner for the press was given within 5th World Water Forum activities under sponsorship of GAMA Holding between […]

December, 2008

GAMA has been ranked 13th in ENR listings for industrial plant constraction.

According to Engineering News Record Magazine’s in 2008, GAMA has moved up from 64th place to 60th place in the “Top 225 International Contractors” list. GAMA has been ranked as the 4th biggest International Contractor in fossil fuel plants in energy sector, 5th biggest contractor in chemical plant, 16th biggest contractor in power plant and […]