100+147 Houses and Community Facility, Ireland

100+147 Houses and Community Facility

Balgaddy Scheme consists of 100+147 residential units arranged in urban blocks as apartments, duplexes and terraced houses. The development is designed to cater for all types of residents including disabled, single persons and large families.

The development is not only cater for social housing but also provides housing for voluntary housing associations, co-operative housing groups and private purchasers. The scheme is a continuation of the urban block format of Balgaddy A-B with tree-lined avenues culminating in a new park bounded on the other side by Balgaddy D (by South Dublin County Council Architects). The scheme is part of an overall master plan being administered by a number of architectural practices and South Dublin County Council that will provide over 600 residential units in the South Lucan area. The basic design concept of Balgaddy B and C is that of densification, consolidation and urbanization of under utilized lands. Balgaddy E is a new mid density neighborhood of 100 dwellings and 2 shops for South Dublin County Council.

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Dublin, Ireland

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South Dublin County Council

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GAMA Construction Ireland Limited

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Project Duration

42 Months (April 2004 - October 2007)