GAMA International

GAMA International B.V. was established in the Netherlands in 2003, with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of international operations through a central organization. The subsidiaries of GAMA Group that are domiciled abroad and involved in the EPC contracting, construction, installation and erection of industrial plants, as well as construction of business complexes, highways, bridges, housing projects, water and sewage treatment systems are structured under GAMA International B.V. Additionally, this is the holding company for the Group’s some part of energy investment abroad. For more information about GAMA International’s projects, please click here.


GAMA Construction Ireland Ltd.

The company was founded in November 2000 in Dublin, Ireland to engage in the construction of industrial plants, power plants, pipelines, water and sewage treatment systems, business complexes, highways, bridges as well as social and commercial housing development projects. The construction works of all the projects undertaken by the company have been completed.

GAMA Limited

GAMA Limited was established in 2010 in Switzerland. The objective of the company is to acquire, sell, import, export, distribute and commercialize goods and products as well as to offer services and counseling related to the construction and energy fields.

GAMA Energy International B.V.

GAMA Energy International B.V. is a private limited liability company established in the Netherlands to incorporate, participate and manage other companies. The Company is owned 50% by GAMA International B.V. and 50% by an affiliate of General Electric. The company has a 40% stake in Tynagh Energy Limited, the project company owning 400 MW combined cycle gas power plant in County Galway in the Republic of Ireland, which is in operation since March 2006.