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About GAMA Holding

Turkey’s leading contracting, energy, investment and trade company GAMA Holding, in the last 63 years, with its projects involving industrial facilities,  turnkey power plant and pipeline constructions, infrastructure facilities including the manufacturing and installation, construction of high-rise buildings, commercial centers and residential complexes, investment and business development in the fields of energy and water, sales and after sale services of construction machinery, and turnkey mobile hospitals, has made significant contributions to Turkey’s development and industrialization efforts in many areas.

Since 1975, GAMA Holding has grown into a global brand with its activities spreading to Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In 2003, due to the need for restructuring of activities spanning in various areas, the group companies have been divided in to the main business fields of; ’contracting’, ‘energy’, ‘investment’, ‘healthcare’ and ’trade’, gathered under the GAMA Holding umbrella. In 2021 there are 5 main business fields and nearly 50 subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures operating under the main groups.

GAMA Holding Companies have realized more than 400 large-scale projects internationally, in more than 25 countries from Ireland in the West to Sakhalin Island of Russia in the East. In 2021, in 5 countries including Turkey, GAMA Holding Companies have been carrying out projects with a total value of 2 billion dollars.

GAMA History

3 friends who graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University; Erol Üçer, Yüksel Erimtan and Uğurhan Tunçata and the contractor businessman Raif Mumcu’s paths merged with the tender of Yeşilırmak and Mertırmak Bridges in 1958. The foundation of GAMA, which has made a name for itself among the biggest construction companies of our country and in the international arena, was laid in 1959 by these partners with the establishment of GAMA Construction Limited Company in Ankara. In 1962, Fenni and GAMA Construction Group Limited Company was founded to enter the fields of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installation, which were performed only by foreign companies at the time. With the participation of Erol Özman, who was educated at the States as a mechanical engineer, GAMA became the representative in Turkey of Babcock and Wilcox, a company considered the inventor of steam boilers. Due to the cooperation with Babcock and Wilcox, a need for young mechanical engineers who were fluent in English and equipped with engineering knowledge appeared. Today, METU graduates, partners of GAMA; Ergil Ersu, Engin Inanc, Ugur Yurdakul, Ercan Davudoglu, Gurhan Tureli, Celasin Egel and Yucel Aksoy have joined the GAMA family. Fenni and GAMA Construction Group Limited Company has successfully completed the design, material supply, manufacturing, installation, operation and service of many steam boilers and accessories.The company has aimed to turn to technology-based industrial plant construction, especially power plants that were not built by Turkish firms at that time, and within the scope of energy contracting as a subcontractor of Babcock Wilcox has successfully completed the boiler installation of the Mersin Thermal Power Plant in 1966.GAMA immediately after this success became the first Turkish company to obtain a qualification in industrial plant construction from the World Bank and with this qualification undertook the general installation of the 4 × 25 MW Mersin Thermal Power Plant in 1968 and started the era of turnkey industrial plant construction in Turkey and became the first energy contractor of Turkey. Each day, with its increasing experience, GAMA has built power plants, oil, cement, petrochemical and gas plants, factories, high-rise buildings, water treatment plants and transmission lines, bridges and various infrastructure constructions and has made important contributions to Turkey’s development and industrialization efforts and continues to do so.

GAMA Industry

In 1970, GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc. was founded with the participation of the key technical and administrative personnel of Fenni and GAMA Construction Ltd. GAMA Industry, with its 51 years of experience, has been carrying out turnkey constructions of thermal power plants, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, hydroelectric power plants, metallurgical plants, cement factories, turnkey constructions of industrial facilities such as pipelines as well as, high-rise buildings, business and shopping centers, residences, tourism facilities, recreational and cultural facilities, health facilities, dams, subway systems and infrastructure facilities. GAMA Industry has completed many large scale projects in more than 25 countries in the Middle East, Russia, Asia, North Africa and Europe. As of 2021 GAMA Industry has been carrying out 3 projects in 2 countries.

GAMA Trading

Since 1981, GAMA has been in the trading sector and its trade and tourism activities have been carried out by GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc. GAMA Trading has a total of 14,900 m2 working space in a facility located in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone, 6,900 m2 of it being outdoors and 8,000 m2 of it being indoors. In the facility in addition to the sale, maintenance and repair works of construction machinery, spare part stocking and shipment services, installation activities of concrete pumps and manufacturing of tower crane main and building connection points take place. GAMA Trading also provides turnkey supply solutions for Mobile Surgical Hospitals and First Aid Stations and carries out the international trade of industrial and construction materials.

GAMA Power Systems

GAMA’s knowledge of steam production has not only been limited to boilers but also the performance impacts of the steam power equipment produced and the activities in the energy sector have brought GAMA to a level where constructions of power plants in their entirety can be undertaken. As a natural consequence of reaching such a high level of capacity, the main activity area of GAMA Boiler Technologies Inc., which was founded in 1990, was expanded with the participation of power systems and in 2002 the company name was amended as GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc.  Since 2002, GAMAPower Systems has attained a strategic status on a wide geographical area in the field of “EPC” (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) based turn-key projects of simple and combined cycle power plants, especially gas turbines. In a short period of time GAMA Power Systems has made significant progress and has undertaken the turnkey constructions of global projects, and as of 2021, has carried out 3 projects in 3 countries.

GAMA Energy

Energy and water investment companies within GAMA, which have started their activities in 1990 and completed Turkey’s first Build Operate Transfer projects; Izmit Yuvacik Dam and Water Treatment Plant, Birecik Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, Marmara Ereglisi-Trakya Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, gathered under the umbrella of GAMA Energy in 2004. In addition to hydroelectric and wind power plants, GAMA Energy along with the 853 MW İç Anadolu Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant commissioned in 2016 and new wind projects, carries out the development, procurement of project finances, construction, operation and maintenance, asset management and trade activities in various power plant and water supply projects both in Turkey and overseas. As of 2021, GAMA Holding’s energy and water investment companies; GAMA Energy Inc., GAMA Energy International B.V. and GAMA Energy Water International B.V. have a total installed capacity of 1,101,8 MW and the total water supply capacity is 100 million m3/year. GAMA Holding’s energy and water investment companies, have enabled the construction and development of 29 GW energy production capacity worldwide which corresponds approximately to 34% of the installed power generation capacity in Turkey

GEAŞ Energy Operation and Maintanence Inc., carries out the operation and maintenance activities of; Sares WPP, Karadağ WPP, Gök-2 WPP, Kırkağaç WPP, Lamas III, IV HEPP and Çakırlar HEPP, Karacaören I, II HEPP and İç Anadolu Natural Gas Power Plant which are in GAMA Energy’s portfolio.

GATES Energy Trading Inc.,another affiliate of GAMA Energy Inc., was founded to operate in the field of electricity wholesale. In 2007 GATES obtained the Supply License, which was issued for 20 years by EMRA and was granted the right to sell electricity to end users as well as the right to wholesale electricity trading. Currently the fields of activity of GATES are; Eligible Consumers, Over-the-Counter Markets and Bilateral Agreements, Natural Gas, Portfolio Optimization and Carbon Trading of Assets.

GAMA International B.V.

Netherlands based GAMA International B.V. was founded in 2003 during the restructuring process of GAMA Group firms, in order to ensure that the companies operating overseas in the construction and installation of industrial facilities, power plants, pipelines, water and waste treatment facilities, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, residential complexes, highways and bridges as well as the companies which provide EPC (Engineering – Procurement- Construction) based contracting services were more effective in international markets and to gather them under one roof. In addition, GAMA Holding’s overseas energy investments were restructured under GAMA International B.V.

GAMA Healthcare Concessions – PPP

The fields of activity of GAMA Holding’s Public-Private Partnership investments cover both domestic and overseas transportation, hospital and other PPP projects. Within this scope, tenders for the Izmir Bayraklı and Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus, which were introduced by the Health Investment General Directorate of the Ministry of Health as the first examples of the Public Private Partnership – PPP System, were entrusted in 2012 and the project agreements were signed in 2014.

The ongoing Izmir Bayraklı (with 2060 beds) and Kocaeli (with 1180 beds) hospital projects are among the top 5 largest hospitals in Turkey out of the 33 that are under construction. Within the framework of the agreements, hospitals will be operated by the investor partnership for 25 years following the turnkey delivery.