Green Building

GAMA Building

LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environment & Design

GAMA Holding, has systematized its environmental consciousness on global warming especially by minimizing carbon emission, focusing on clean energy and energy saving, considering the health and comfort of his employees. With such awareness, efforts are carried out to obtain the LEED certificate by USGBC for the existing buildings category. GAMA is the first Turkish company that is entitled to have LEED EB GOLD certificate in the Existing Building category.

Various improvements were done in the following issues;

  1. Sustainable Sites,
  2. Water Efficiency,
  3. Energy and Atmosphere,
  4. Materials and Resources,
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality,
  6. Innovation in Design,
  7. Regional Priority.

After the application review, on November 5, 2012, Unites States Green Building Council announced that, GAMA Building got 71 points and was awarded with LEED EB GOLD certificate.

Savings, Efficiency, Carbon Abatement Figures in 2012

Natural GasDecrease by 53,000 m3/year, and saved %27. In return; 153 t CO2-e decreased.

ElectricityDecreased by 396,000 kW hr/year, and saved %20. In return; 377 t CO2-e decreased.

WaterDecreased by 1,076 m3/year, and saved %31.5. In return; 0.18 t CO2-e decreased

GAMA Building with Numbers

  • Ground Floors 2,000 m2 x 3 floors, total 6,000 m2
  • Tower 16 floors,  440 m2
  • Garage 2 floors
  • Gym, 200 people Conference Hall, Restaurant and Cafe
  • Business Center 200 m2
  • Total with all areas 20,000 m2


Efficient Use of Energy:

Using the technological infrastructure of the building 7/24; the customization of the building’s heating / cooling systems settings, taking the necessary precautions to minimize the effects of the solar heat, efficient usage of the lighting system; has kept the energy consumption under control and reduce the usage of; natural gas by 27%, electricity by 20% and water by 31.5% compared to the same period of the last year.

Efficient Use of Water:

The water consumption is being controlled effectively through sensor installed fittings, and waste water management is performed in the building.

Materials and Resources:

GAMA Building’s procurement policy is based on using materials which are sensitive to the environment and human health. This policy includes all materials used in the building; from furniture to carpets and from cleaning equipment to hand soaps.

Indoor Air Quality:

The air quality in the building is in accordance with the international standards and controlled periodically. For smokers, a convenient area is designated outside the building

Recyclable Waste Collection:

The waste is stored under proper conditions and transmitted to the qualified recycling centers by qualified transporters. The disposal periods and quantities of waste generated are being followed up by designated GAMA personnel.

Indoor Quality of Life:

Comfort of the employees is evaluated by measuring the noise level, temperature, air quality and lighting in the office. The building satisfaction survey which includes the quality of working conditions, cleaning and maintenance, is carried out on a regular basis and evaluated by the management.


GAMA Building, located close to the main road and public transportation facilities, encourages its employees for using public transportation in order to reduce carbon abatement.